J’adore London

I’ve never been in love with a person.  I know that’s a strange admission to begin a blog post with, but there you have it.  I’m a little strange, so it works.  At any rate, the statement is completely true: I have never been in love with a person.  Sure when I go on long … Continue reading

What’s in a name, part 1

Well, I guess this could be on the about page…but it’s not.  It’s in this post cuz that’s how I roll…lol. I just felt there was a personal element missing from this blog…Me! So I wanted to share a bit of myself with you just because. As my about section will tell you, or even … Continue reading

My Story

This is kind of my job…lol.  It’s awesome, I know.  I get to write scripts (among other things) for a living.  I was tasked earlier this year to come up with promos for a week long summer camp called Territorial Youth Institute (TYI).  Having gone to this youth camp growing up, I find I have … Continue reading