The Skinny on London

(Note to the reader: This is an interactive post! Everything that is bolded black is a link! Click on the link to see the stuff I’ve been talking about! There are even a few videos I edited just for this post, so be sure to click on everything!) It’s hard to put in words how … Continue reading

Being Excellent

I am a Christian.  Not a big deal to say as many people will say they are Christians when in fact they are living contrary to Christ.  Not judging, just stating fact.  I could be counted among them on most days, including this one.  As a Christian though, I have an adverse reaction to the … Continue reading

Life’s a Battlefield

Spoken word I performed at a Christian Youth Conference for the theme: Inner Armor. And yes, I’m wearing a green, velvet fedora. Giving it a little sass… Also, don’t mind my breathing…I was really nervous, and I guess that turns me into an asthmatic…lol.