25 Days of Memories, Day 11

Today’s story is a memory from Greenville, South Carolina and it involves a birthday party.  I seem to remember a lot of special occasion stuff from Greenville, which I guess is how the story goes.  When you get older, the tedious memories seem to slip your mind.  That’s my theory, anyway. So Adrienne.  That was … Continue reading

Being Excellent

I am a Christian.  Not a big deal to say as many people will say they are Christians when in fact they are living contrary to Christ.  Not judging, just stating fact.  I could be counted among them on most days, including this one.  As a Christian though, I have an adverse reaction to the … Continue reading

25 Days of Memories, Day 2

(I’m in the striped shirt…summer of my 4th grade year.  The girl with the fanny pack is Katie…I think.  I’d really like to see what she’s up to now…if she still prefers a fanny pack on vacations…I’d be interested in knowing. lol.  Meanwhile, I’m the cool girl with a shirt that has a built in … Continue reading

25 Days of Memories, Day 1

Happy Birthday to me! Today, I am a quarter of a century, and yes I’m celebrating (by officially launching my blog, AND by sharing with you a bit more about my life). My roommates think I’m a Birthday diva, and maybe I am…maybe this post proves that…but I guess I don’t really care. Sometimes, I … Continue reading

American Idol

Idolatry is apparently a real problem in the bible…like actual worship of inanimate objects made from gold.  But there is also a theme of idolatry in the unfaithfulness of the Israelites.  I mean, basically the whole Old Testament is one big on-again-off-again relationship between God and His people.  It’s like the Israelites just never got … Continue reading

You look so much better when you…

Oh, oh, oh.  You look so much better when you….oh, oh, oh. I don’t know if you’re familiar with Kirk Franklin, but he’s been a part of my life since Stomp! “Can I get a witness?” Anyway, I guess he and Steve Harvey teamed up to do a video for Steve Harvey’s youtube channel and … Continue reading

Inspired by Good Photography

One of the things I love is good photography.  There’s nothing like it! Check out this video…amazing photography going on! #inlove

The Balance of Life. Are you Centered?

(**Repost.  From my tumblr. account on January 24th, 2011**) Rain.  It’s a beautiful thing.  It’s not only part of life, but it’s a welcome part, especially when water table levels are being threatened. Even in America, with all it’s sophisticated irrigation systems and water reserves and it’s pride in excess, succumbs to the effects of … Continue reading

The Little Things in Life

Smile. Why? Because it’s worth it (as a little character Marcel the Shell remnids us). I’m learning that it’s ok to take time to enjoy the little things in life. To slow down. To enjoy. To feel what it’s like to smile without having to force it.

“To Simply Become”

My first post! It’s exciting to finally be getting this blog off the ground.  Exciting, but intimidating and overwhelming at the same time.  What if this becomes just another taxing “to-do” on my time? What if I am as inconsistent with this blog as I am my tumblr.? What if no one reads this and … Continue reading