A hop of Faith and an End of an era

(My first Christmas with the Communications Bureau) Today marked the end of an era.  Sort of.  Well…not to sound too dramatic, but today was definitely an end. Since February 2010, I have worked in the Communications Bureau of the Salvation Army’s USA Southern Territorial Headquarters.  For the past three and a half  years, I have … Continue reading

25 Days of Memories, Day 8

(Me with then Captain Beverly Lawrence, circa 1996…this was a little before the following incident:) So in 5th grade, I was friends with a girl name LaKeisha.  As you may have guessed, LaKeisha was black.  Not sure yet if that’s an important part of the story… At any rate, I realized after a few months … Continue reading

25 Days of Memories, Day 6

So apparently I’m slacking in consistency, but at least I’m consistent in not being consistent…there’s something to be said for that, I feel.  lol I’ve gone back and forth debating what I should talk about for my next memory.  I certainly have more than 25 childhood memories.  It’s more of a question of which to … Continue reading

25 Days of Memories, Day 2

(I’m in the striped shirt…summer of my 4th grade year.  The girl with the fanny pack is Katie…I think.  I’d really like to see what she’s up to now…if she still prefers a fanny pack on vacations…I’d be interested in knowing. lol.  Meanwhile, I’m the cool girl with a shirt that has a built in … Continue reading