There’s a shelf in the room of my heart
Where I keep a nice little box set slightly apart
I don’t often touch it
Preferring to keep a safe distance from it.
Cuz opening that box is like unlocking Pandora’s Closet
So much power I’d rather not deal with
So I stare and look at it
Admiring the idea of it more than embracing the fullness of it.
Confining it so I don’t have to worry about how my life might be defined by it.
If I open it.
So instead I just sit, stare, and look at it.
Hoping and praying one day the power inside will bust out of it.
Knowing all along, all I have to do is open it.
But I can’t
So I don’t.
Because to open it, I can’t be afraid of beholding it.
So I condemn this power by entombing it.
So my life won’t be messed up by it.
Allowing me to live life apart from it.
Get. It?
It’s not that I’m afraid it won’t work if I open it
But that I’ll see only one direction and be made to take it.
That my life will be forever changed and I won’t know what to do with that.
So what do I do with it?
I could leave it in that box and just stare at it.
I know at least how that option ends up.
But suddenly that life route isn’t good enough.
Seems wrong for the perfect box to collect cobwebs from my neglect of it.
Seems the only option left is unleashing it.
Lord forgive me for confining Your power to my idea of it.
Allow my mind to be opened up, so I can embrace the full majesty of it.
Breathe in the goodness of life that defines it
Bask in the warmth of love overflowing from it
To be forever changed by it
So when people ask about it,
My reply will be:
This is a life lived in the fullness of God’s power unleashed.

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