My Story

This is kind of my job…lol.  It’s awesome, I know.  I get to write scripts (among other things) for a living.  I was tasked earlier this year to come up with promos for a week long summer camp called Territorial Youth Institute (TYI).  Having gone to this youth camp growing up, I find I have a certain perspective and view on what TYI is…what it means to me, and precisely how moving this week long experience can be.  The testimony I give through a spoken word that I wrote talks about TYI 2006.  This was my first year to attend, and I found it profoundly meaningful.

A note about the spoken word itself…I add some cultural references in there (like Jeopardy and Alex Trebek).  It was really one of the first spoken words I had written adding references from pop culture.  And now that I had a taste of it, I add pop references all the time…but more on that later, I’m sure.

2 Responses to “My Story”
  1. Chelsea Fleeman says:

    You’re fantastic 🙂 You’re my inspiration!

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