J’adore London

I’ve never been in love with a person.  I know that’s a strange admission to begin a blog post with, but there you have it.  I’m a little strange, so it works.  At any rate, the statement is completely true: I have never been in love with a person.  Sure when I go on long trips, there are people I miss.  Or if I’m away from my family for an extended period, I get a hankering to see them.  But I’ve never ached to be in a person’s presence…the way I’d imagine someone in love to ache for their significant other.

When it comes to books, that’s another issue entirely.  Have you ever been so connected to the characters in a book or movie, that you ached to be a part of their lives in some way? Perhaps I’m not explaining myself properly.  Let me try this: I love Harry Potter.  That book series is the reason I am a lover of books today.   And every time I finished a book and could no longer be a part of the J K Rowling’s world, a part of me ached.  Sure, it got better with time, but then book 5 came out.  And I read that and ached again.  Then book 6 and 7.  It’s almost like it was so much a part of me, and yet it was a world to which I could never belong.  I mourned not being able to be in that world once each book was over and done with.

Visiting London was a lot like this.  I spent nearly 10 glorious days in London, but now that I have been exiled back to the land where chips come from a bag, I feel sorely for England.  I’ve visited New York before and been taken away with the sights and history.  I’ve been to Malaysia and been captured by the landscape.  I’ve been to Kenya and been moved by the heart of the people.  But I’ve never been to a place where I’ve felt an immediate affinity with.  Until London, that is.

There will be posts on what I did and what I learned from certain experiences in London.  But this post is merely trying to convey my immediate love for the city.  The history alone is enough to woo anyone, but there was a certain electric energy there that made the whole city come to life and me with it.  A buzz of camaraderie and vivacity.  I fear I fell in love with a city that doesn’t exist.  Sure the buildings and tube system were present.  All the landmarks one hears about were there.  But I visited during the Olympics which I have a  feeling enchant anyone, no matter the city where they are hosted.  My biggest fear with regards to London is that I’ll go back to visit and be disillusioned with the crowded-ness and the meanness of it all.

The city of London urged Londoners to go away for Holiday for two weeks.  The city wasn’t nearly as crowded as it could’ve been.  It certainly wasn’t the nightmare of crowds that I was expecting.  And as for that sense of comraderie…well, gathering around pub televisions to root on Great Britain’s team will do that.

What if I go back to London to find the city I fell in love with taken over with curmudgeon-y Londoners griping about blasted tourists?  I tell you, it will be worth the risk! For as it stands, I will live there and work as a fellow Londoner myself.  The city has seduced me with her history, royalty and underground system.  And one day, I will return to her to embrace the good with the bad.  The lovely with the profane.  Cheers.

(All pictures taken with my iPhone)

4 Responses to “J’adore London”
  1. I find that I miss talking to people the most. My heart is aching to be with those who separated during the day, but came together at night to laugh and to weep. To learn and to teach. To discover. I miss them all. I miss you!

  2. Yes-but now I miss it! I’ve had a couple of nights here though where other people stayed up until 2 or 3 to chat with me on Facebook! Haha.

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