American Idol

Idolatry is apparently a real problem in the bible…like actual worship of inanimate objects made from gold.  But there is also a theme of idolatry in the unfaithfulness of the Israelites.  I mean, basically the whole Old Testament is one big on-again-off-again relationship between God and His people.  It’s like the Israelites just never got … Continue reading

I’m just tired…ya know?!

It’s hard to explain, exactly, but let me begin if I may.  I am weary–body, soul, mind, etc.  I imagine this is a common state for many Americans, but that doesn’t mean I have to enjoy life in this state, or that life should be lived in such a state.  I have no excuses for … Continue reading

What my Heart doesn’t know

I’m just struggling–sitting here wrestling It’s like the fight between God and Jacob Only it’s not the New Testament Are you sick of me and the empty words I’m giving If you know my heart better than me- Then the truth’s not hard to see. I want you more than anything, That’s what I tell … Continue reading