25 Days of Memories, Day 4

I’m not like everyone else…so I’ve got to do me.  Point in case: I am what some people, ok all people would call, fair-skinned.  I’ve got blue eyes, freckles and the whole bit.  Learning to put on sunscreen regularly was a hard fought battle.  In the summer of 11th grade, one of my friends had … Continue reading

25 Days of Memories, Day 3

Just go with it:  Sometimes, I’ve learned, it’s best not to correct people.  It leads to some pretty hilarious stories in the future, though, I think the correction in this story led to an even greater story! It was summer of 4th grade.  I got invited to my friend Sarah’s birthday party.  Her dad was … Continue reading

25 Days of Memories, Day 2

(I’m in the striped shirt…summer of my 4th grade year.  The girl with the fanny pack is Katie…I think.  I’d really like to see what she’s up to now…if she still prefers a fanny pack on vacations…I’d be interested in knowing. lol.  Meanwhile, I’m the cool girl with a shirt that has a built in … Continue reading

Life’s a Battlefield


Spoken word I performed at a Christian Youth Conference for the theme: Inner Armor. And yes, I’m wearing a green, velvet fedora. Giving it a little sass… Also, don’t mind my breathing…I was really nervous, and I guess that turns me into an asthmatic…lol.

25 Days of Memories, Day 1

Happy Birthday to me! Today, I am a quarter of a century, and yes I’m celebrating (by officially launching my blog, AND by sharing with you a bit more about my life). My roommates think I’m a Birthday diva, and maybe I am…maybe this post proves that…but I guess I don’t really care. Sometimes, I … Continue reading

What’s in a name, part 1

Well, I guess this could be on the about page…but it’s not.  It’s in this post cuz that’s how I roll…lol. I just felt there was a personal element missing from this blog…Me! So I wanted to share a bit of myself with you just because. As my about section will tell you, or even … Continue reading

Karmin to the Rescue

I was introduced to Karmin by accident.  I was just searching a few months ago for a favorite song on youtube. I found it, and a Karmin cover of it.  Then I stopped trying to find my favorite song. Karmin was so entrancing with their spin on some the biggest songs out there.  When I … Continue reading

American Idol

Idolatry is apparently a real problem in the bible…like actual worship of inanimate objects made from gold.  But there is also a theme of idolatry in the unfaithfulness of the Israelites.  I mean, basically the whole Old Testament is one big on-again-off-again relationship between God and His people.  It’s like the Israelites just never got … Continue reading

You look so much better when you…

Oh, oh, oh.  You look so much better when you….oh, oh, oh. I don’t know if you’re familiar with Kirk Franklin, but he’s been a part of my life since Stomp! “Can I get a witness?” Anyway, I guess he and Steve Harvey teamed up to do a video for Steve Harvey’s youtube channel and … Continue reading

My Story

This is kind of my job…lol.  It’s awesome, I know.  I get to write scripts (among other things) for a living.  I was tasked earlier this year to come up with promos for a week long summer camp called Territorial Youth Institute (TYI).  Having gone to this youth camp growing up, I find I have … Continue reading