There’s a shelf in the room of my heart Where I keep a nice little box set slightly apart I don’t often touch it Preferring to keep a safe distance from it. Cuz opening that box is like unlocking Pandora’s Closet So much power I’d rather not deal with So I stare and look at … Continue reading

Star Wars Nerds are the Funniest


Nerdist released this video today, and I’m pretty sure it’s the funniest thing I’ve seen all day…hands down! Might be a great watch for you today! (The Ewoks are my fav!)

Life’s a Battlefield


Spoken word I performed at a Christian Youth Conference for the theme: Inner Armor. And yes, I’m wearing a green, velvet fedora. Giving it a little sass… Also, don’t mind my breathing…I was really nervous, and I guess that turns me into an asthmatic…lol.