For Such a Time as this

I haven’t left for Mexico yet, but as I sit here, I wonder about the impending trip.

I’m a Christian, and part of my world view and belief system is to believe that I am not going on this trip by chance or mistake.  I haven’t given it much thought until tonight as I hover over my keys while the first images of the trip are being imported into my computer.  You see, even though we’re not in Mexico yet, the trip has already begun.

Orientation for the trip began at 5pm tonight with dinner.  After we finished our dinner, we went around the room introducing ourselves and explaining how we came to be on this trip.   Some had won a contest and were able to come on this trip to visit Salvation Army Children’s Homes throughout Central Mexico.  Others were privileged to go as pastors in The Salvation Army.  Me.  Well, I was appointed to go by my boss.

He had other options, sure.  But he chose me.

I was beginning to think it was because I was the only girl in the department with the skills to hold a camera and a mic.  But then God got a hold of me.

In Esther, there’s a great line from Mordecai.  He said that perhaps God had placed the Queen where she was for such a time as this (referring to her ability to save all Jewish people from certain death).  He didn’t say it nicely, necessarily, but it was poignant nonetheless.

My life could have gone in a million directions.  In school, I seriously contemplated changing my major from Film and Broadcast Communications to something a little more within my reach academically, but I didn’t.  I moved to Atlanta for a temp job with The Salvation Army.  Before they made it permanent, I was offered a job with the local Salvation Army of Fort Myers as a media specialist.  No, I didn’t want to stay in Fort Myers long term, but it was a teensy bit tempting.  It was a steady offer.  But I decided to stick it out in Atlanta, hoping that the job would one day become full time.  It did.  And then once I was in this job, an opportunity came up to apply for a job in a different department, but I didn’t.

Let’s rewind a few months.  Back when I first took this job in February of 2010, my boss asked me what I’d really like to do with my life.  He was probably just making conversation, but I answered anyway.  “I’d really like to travel the world and make documentaries.”  It was a simple enough phrase to come by, because for so many years it was my go-to phrase.  Little did I know that that simple answer would bring me here today.  To this desk in this hotel room where the footage from tonight’s orientation has just finished downloading.

Sometimes I glimpse the bigger picture.  It’s not often, mind you, but it does happen on occasion.  And when it does, it’s nice to look back and see how every little step, yes, even the seemingly blundering missteps, have brought me where I am today.  As Major Jewett reminded us tonight, we have been uniquely equipped for service to God in such a time as this.  What I know about putting together a story, what I know about composition of a shot (and it’s not a lot), what I know about ministry in other countries has brought me here.  My major, my jobs since college, and a perfectly average answer to my supervisor once upon a time have led me to this point.

And tomorrow morning at 11:00am, I board a flight to grasp just a taste of the dream that I’ve held so close for so many years and have been unable to realize until now.  I may absolutely hate this experience and forever be turned off from traveling and filmmaking.  But somehow I doubt it.  Sincerely doubt it.

One last thought to leave as I reflect over tonight’s activities: The most important reason for this trip is to produce a new promo video for The Salvation Army’s Children’s Homes in Mexico.  That’s it.  The Officer in charge of Women’s Ministries in the Southeastern part of the US asked one of the divisions (states, we’ll call them) to head up the task of making a new promo video.  Now, there are a few states financially able to complete this task.  For instance, had Texas been given the assignment, with their own videographer on staff, I wouldn’t have gotten the chance to go.  But luckily for me, Florida stepped up to the plate first and was granted permission to complete this task.  Not having a videographer on staff, Florida contacted the headquarters and asked for someone from my department to go with them.  You of course know the rest of the story.

As inadequate as I feel about the task at hand, I know that God has placed me here for such a time as this.  Whatever area I’m lacking in, God will more than make up for it because He wouldn’t bring me this far to drop me on my butt.  He’s pretty faithful like that.  Oh yeah, and something about His power being made perfect in my weakness….  At any rate, I’m not worried.  God’s in control, and as much as I hate handing over my control, at least I can be assure that He knows what He is doing.

4 Responses to “For Such a Time as this”
  1. Lindsey, you are incredible! I am lucky to be able to work with you!

  2. Marion Durham says:

    I was on the last Territorial Mexico trip and it was a wonderful experience personally and has had a great impact on my ministry. I’ll be praying for you, Lindsey.

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