25 Days of Memories, Day 14

One of my roommates often wonders about my memory.  She thinks I remember some pretty random stuff.  It made me start to wonder about it too…and I’ve figured it out.  My family is a story-telling family.  We may not be the most eloquent story-tellers, but we are elaborate, and growing up I heard stories all the time.  The ones about me that I don’t remember myself have been told to me over and over again by my parents, who are phenomenal story-tellers.  Especially my mom.  She uses these amazing facial expressions and hand motions.  It’s like you’re actually there.

But I digress.

Today’s memory is pretty amazing.  One of the more defining experiences of my life, to say the least.

When I was in my sophomore year of college, I had to take a communications class, aka Public Speaking.  The first day of class we all sat in a circle and told a little about ourselves.  But before pulling our chairs to the middle of the classroom, a girl’s shirt caught my eye.

My first year in college, I didn’t make all that many friends.  Sure, I made a few here and there through class, but they weren’t the kinds of friends I’d call up on a Friday night to hang out with.  And while it’s not essential for me to have all Christian friends (in fact, it’s preferred that I don’t have all Christian friends) the girl’s shirt caught my eye because of the scripture verse on it, and immediately I thought that I wanted to be her friend.

Down in the sharing circle, we went around sharing a little about ourselves.  When it got to Christina, the girl with the Christian shirt, she talked about her background and how she just came back from a mission trip.  Having just come back from a mission trip to Malaysia myself, I felt a certain affinity towards Christina.  If her shirt wasn’t enough, her turn in front of the class sealed it for me.  I was determined to meet her.  So as soon as class was dismissed, I went straight up to her and introduced myself.

Thus started one of the most important friendships of my college career.  As I came to find out, she was the vice president of the African American Student Association (AASA).  Ok.  So she was involved in school.  Good to know.  I really wasn’t involved in my college that much, so it was good to know it was possible.

One day after speech class, she told me about a meeting taking place for AASA.  I wasn’t all that interested until she told me fried chicken would be served afterwards.  Hmm…a lunch that I didn’t have to go home for, or pay for?! Um, yes!

So I went.  And I sat through a meeting where AASA presented their Executive Board that had been voted on in a prior meeting, perhaps even the semester before.  It was mostly a boring meeting, until one of the other vice presidents in the club started drama.  Ashley was her name, and she aptly pointed out that the young man voted to be the club’s secretary did not have the required grade point average to participate in the club at that capacity.  At that point panic struck as they went around to the rest of the people in the auditorium asking them if they had the grade point average to be nominated as secretary.  One by one they asked, finally coming to me.  The truth was, some of the others had legitimate excuses.  The girl sitting next to me was the president of another club.  She graciously passed on the position.  I however, didn’t have such an excuse.

“Young lady,” said the club’s advisor, “do you have a grade point average higher than 2.5?” Well, I thought about what to say at this point.  How do I get out of this? I had a grade point average of 4.0 and had the hubris to announce it to all present.  And I decided in that split second that I needed to be more involved in school.  Reluctantly, I accepted the offer to be AASA’s secretary.  And thus began one of the busiest chapters of my life.  But more on reverse slavery in another post.  I promise.  There are still may days of memories to come.

The point of this story is not to tell you about AASA, though I will have at least one more day of memories surrounding my involvement with that club, but to tell you about Christina.  She continues to challenge me and push me by her unwavering moral standards.   And even though we don’t talk as much as I’d like, even through distance she isn’t afraid to call my out.  She keeps me accountable with God, and for that, I’ll always be grateful.

6 Responses to “25 Days of Memories, Day 14”
  1. Mandy Boddy says:

    you are hilarious

  2. Christina says:

    AWW. Thanks Lindsey. Love you sis.

  3. Carline Fils-Aime says:

    I’m glad you have met Christina. She is truly one committed individual for the cause of Christ. I have missed her on this end. I have known her since she was a pre-teen.
    From Carline Fils-Aime ex-director of Vessels of Praise, Dance Ministry

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