25 Days of Memories, Day 11

Today’s story is a memory from Greenville, South Carolina and it involves a birthday party.  I seem to remember a lot of special occasion stuff from Greenville, which I guess is how the story goes.  When you get older, the tedious memories seem to slip your mind.  That’s my theory, anyway.

So Adrienne.  That was her name.  I don’t know what birthday she was celebrating, exactly, but I was about 9 or 10 at the time.  She lived with her grandma and her mother in a not-so-nice part of town, but she wanted to have a sleep over for her birthday party.   I don’t know if I begged to go, or if my mom was ok with the arrangement, but go I did.  And it remains to be the most uncomfortable birthday party/sleepover I have ever attended.

We’ve already established that I was pretty awkward as a kid.  Perhaps, though, what we haven’t established is that I was also a very quiet kid.  I was the kid in class who would rather hold it in than raise their hand to ask the teacher to use the restroom.  Yeah.  Pretty bad.  I’m sure my kidneys will pay me back later.

So anyway, this birthday party/sleepover.  First of all, while I knew most of the other girls invited, that didn’t make them any less intimidating.  They were all older than me, and flaunted their experience…on girls stuff and all that jazz.  I mean, they were sharing stuff and laughing about things that went completely over my sheltered little head.  They were talking about losing their virginity before I even knew what virginity was.  And they were 13, tops!  I do not believe they actually had lost their virginity, but it was shocking nonetheless, even in hindsight.

But the most shocking thing that happened that night was when some of Adrienne’s guy friends from the neighborhood stopped by.  Things got loud with music and general chaos (which I do not do well with).

So Adrienne’s grandma had birds…the real pretty yellow kind that stayed in a cage in their living room.  One of the boys wanted to see what it would be like if you microwave one of the birds.  So Adrienne, who was giggly and boy crazy, obliged the male attendees.  Together with the other giggly, boy crazy girls gathered around, and my doe-eyed, terrified self, we watched as the bird went into the microwave for 10 seconds.  And screamed when it’s brain audibly popped.  When Adrienne opened the microwave to reveal the now dead canary, there were tears…mostly hers.  The boys split like a couple of bananas, and momma, who I wasn’t too familiar with, came down hard on Adrienne.  More tears ensued, and I think I found a place to hide.  Not sure…I’ve apparently blocked that part from my memory.

But I mean, really.  Sleepovers are scary ordeals.  I think there’s only been one in my whole life that I actually enjoyed.  Note to parents: ensure that you’ve educated your children on proper microwave usage.  They are not for pets.  Ever.  This knowledge would have saved me from a mortifying night.


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