How the Story Continues

Ok, so…some of you who know me know that B.Reith is like one of my favorite artists.  Maybe it’s because I’ve actually met him…maybe it’s because I like his style…no one can say, really.  Recently he released a new mixtape which you can download for free here.  See, he normally sings and raps pretty equally, but this mixtape is all about the hip hop style rapping…the kind of hip hop that would make 1970s originators proud.  In true classic hip hop fashion, B. samples oldies in the mixtape–rapping on top.  There are a lot of collaborations, and definitely remixes from his latest album, How the Story Ends.

After only listening to the mixtape a handful of times, two tracks initially stuck out…the first and the last (for different reasons).  The first features a sick beat and some of the best pure rapping I’ve ever heard from B.  The last is a remix of one of my favorite songs from his last album called Made for More (video above).  In it he samples Coldplay’s Lost, which is a favorite song of mine in general.  I mean, the combo of the two songs is magic, and then B. sings the refrain “Just because we’re losing, doesn’t mean we’re lost,” several times which really ties up the relevance of it all.

I love that everything in this mixtape points back to B.’s true passions and why he does what he does.  I love that it’s something creative he can dig his heels into.  And I love that it’s something new from B., which is always exciting!


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