25 Days of Memories, Day 4

I’m not like everyone else…so I’ve got to do me.  Point in case: I am what some people, ok all people would call, fair-skinned.  I’ve got blue eyes, freckles and the whole bit.  Learning to put on sunscreen regularly was a hard fought battle.  In the summer of 11th grade, one of my friends had a birthday party on the beach, to which I was invited.  We went out there and of course all of them tan very well…barely any of them had sunscreen, let alone thought about reapplying.  It was embarrassing to think of having to spend an extra 10 minutes lathering up while everyone else had their fun…and then to have to keep do so every hour.  But it’s what I need to do to take care of me.  Well, I didn’t really do it as I ought to have, so I ended up going back to the beach early to put on my tshirt and sit in the shade…I could already feel that I was burned.  One of the girls was in the shade already, and we ended up having one the most significant conversations I ever had in high school.  I made a genuine human connection with a girl who had learned a long time ago that she had to just be her and not worry about what others thought.  If I hadn’t taken care of me, I would never have been able to make that connection.


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