25 Days of Memories, Day 3

Just go with it:  Sometimes, I’ve learned, it’s best not to correct people.  It leads to some pretty hilarious stories in the future, though, I think the correction in this story led to an even greater story! It was summer of 4th grade.  I got invited to my friend Sarah’s birthday party.  Her dad was a jokester…but the kind of jokester that has always made me feel uncomfortable… Anyway, he asked me my name and I told him…first and last of course.  “Lindsey Freeman, huh… Bet your ancestors fought for freedom…We’re Free! We’re FREE!!!” Sarah chimes in,“Oh, actually it’s Fleeman dad…with an L.” “Oh, well then your ansectors were the guys on the battlefield saying ‘Flee! Flee.’” Oh, were they now.  How interesting.  And awkward.

Some of you may believe (if you know me)  that I’m an awkward person now.  Well if I am, it was nothing compared to my shy, awkward self throughout most of elementary and middle school.  Probably why Diamond was so easily convinced that I wasn’t cool enough to be friends with… (Click here for that story).


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