25 Days of Memories, Day 1

Happy Birthday to me! Today, I am a quarter of a century, and yes I’m celebrating (by officially launching my blog, AND by sharing with you a bit more about my life). My roommates think I’m a Birthday diva, and maybe I am…maybe this post proves that…but I guess I don’t really care. Sometimes, I feel celebrations are in order, and today I am celebrating me…hope you don’t mind! Oh well, if you do…

Anyway, for the next 25 days I will be sharing with you my greatest memories and lessons learned over the past 25 years of life. No, it’s really not that long to live, but it’s a milestone all the same…and I’ve seen and experienced some crazy things in my life…all life shaping in some way or the other. So let’s start off the 25 days of memories with a traumatic experience of being left behind in 1st grade…oh yes, it happened!

1. Always do what you’re told and pay attention. The paying attention part would have saved me from this situation: 1st Grade- I was washing the tables after lunch because that was my job that day. When I put the rag up and turned around, my class was gone. I went back to the classroom only to find it deserted. Sure, it was a little scary, but what was I to do? Well, there was one thing I could do: climb up to the reading loft that we had in our room. It was a really high loft and I didn’t always get a chance to be up there, so you better believe I was soaking up my chance to be in that special place all by myself. Looking back, that loft must have been a risk management nightmare, but things weren’t as strict back then. Though I will say leaving a member of a class behind wasn’t really common practice, even in 1993.


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