Karmin to the Rescue

I was introduced to Karmin by accident.  I was just searching a few months ago for a favorite song on youtube. I found it, and a Karmin cover of it.  Then I stopped trying to find my favorite song. Karmin was so entrancing with their spin on some the biggest songs out there.  When I heard their rendition of “Look at me  now” it was all over…Amy had cemented herself in my mind as not only a great vocalist, but a really talented rapper as well.  I like that version better than the original!

What I’m so happy to see now is that they have their own album! Instead of doing everyone else’s songs (which I secretly hope they still do from time to time), they get to do their own! It’s such a Cinderella story, that I can’t help but root for them.  What I respect most about this duo, and Amy in particular is that they refuse to settle.  She could very well have changed as the industry undoubtedly asked her too….I mean, she’s kind of a conundrum: she sings beautifully (sounds kind of like Jessie J), and raps as hard as anyone else out there right now (sounds like Nikki Minaj).  The two don’t usually go together…usually singers don’t take the time to rap, and rappers aren’t as strong vocally.  Then on top of this, she has this crazy style rocking the suicide roll like it never went out of style.  So you’ve got this great rapper/singer who instead of appearing urban, always comes off very retro and ladylike.  Her and Nick are presumably doing what they want to do…making the sort of music they want to make.  And I have a feeling that if it was all over tomorrow, they’d still be on their youtube account doing what they do best: being themselves.  That’s integrity ladies and gentlemen.  And integrity makes me happy!


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