The Balance of Life. Are you Centered?

(**Repost.  From my tumblr. account on January 24th, 2011**)

Rain.  It’s a beautiful thing.  It’s not only part of life, but it’s a welcome part, especially when water table levels are being threatened.

Even in America, with all it’s sophisticated irrigation systems and water reserves and it’s pride in excess, succumbs to the effects of what happens when there isn’t enough rain.  We all feel them: water restrictions, being told when we can and cannot water our lawns, food prices rising because the rain put a damper on crop output.  If drought can affect such a nation, can you imagine what it does to poorer countries whose people can’t just ship in more food when their fields fail to produce crops sufficient to feed their families, let alone their way of life?

In sum, rain is important. We’ve cleared that up.

But having too much rain, as seen in the recent natural disasters in Brazil, is also undesirable.  It’s wreaked havoc on the state of Rio de Janiero, killing over 700, and displacing thousands.

It’s about balance.  The ying-yang.  I know it’s an eastern philosophy, but it makes sense!  Even your body tells you when it’s off balance…when you need more sleep to catch up on all the nights you’ve stayed up a little too late.  You feel sick after too much sugar.  Sometimes, for a seemingly inexplicable reason, you’ll crave salad.  Our bodies know what’s up! Our bodies crave a healthy balance.  And by the way, if you like philosophy at all, check out Aristotle…he was all about being in the middle (see: the golden mean).

Living life with God is about that balance too.  Jesus went off and prayed by Himself a lot! Like, all the time.  But then when He had His fill, when His call home to Dad had helped Him talk through all His frustrations and stuff, He would catch up with His disciples and do a miracle or preach a sermon, or go love on someone (he even found time to play practical jokes on people: like walking on water in the middle of the night.  What? You’re telling me He knew He was gonna die, but didn’t know that walking on water would scare the crap out of his friends…come on, now.).

Life is balance, but it isn’t about being perfectly balanced at all times. Life is not perfection.  Making loads of mistakes just leaves room for improvement.  Leading a seemingly ordinary life just leaves room for some great adventures. Experiencing a tragedy leaves room for brokenness, and brokenness leaves room for comfort and closeness from a God who may otherwise feel distant.  It is the mundane that makes us marvel at the out-of-the-ordinary.  It is the tragedy that helps us experience growth.  It is the bad which brings out the beauty.

The movie, The Incredibles, put it best: If everyone is special, it means no one is.  Translation (as far as I’m concerned)? The rain is great, but we appreciate it so much more because of the times of drought.

Balance is key.  The good comes with the bad, the crises help us grow, and so there is a time a place for everything under heaven.  Remaining perfectly balanced at all times isn’t the key, however.  The key is having the middle of your life, or the fulcrum as it were, be God.

PS: I found two really cool definitions of the word fulcrum…at least they tie in perfectly with the ‘God as the Fulcrum’ analogy I was going for: one that supplies capability for action, and the support, or point of rest.

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